Friday, November 30, 2012

Belgium Tour, Bruxelles part 1

Sorry i was so busy and i didn't find the time to uploaded my blog, but now here we are. seb aka Molojo and i made a duo show in Belgium at the cindy frey art gallery in Kortrijk and we made a little belgium tour, from Bruxelles, Kortrijk and Bruges.

Now we start with Bruxelles 's Memories and it was halloween :

Halloween in belgium, love all the creepy cute halloween stuff

the Museum of Beaux art, the great details of Flemish' painters and the Great Magritte, i went several times in that museum, don't remember but it's a lot of hours of watching the amazing flemish' painters:

An other inspiration for me, after living 3 years in Bruxelles is the Art nouveau ' architecture 

in the center , love this place " la grande place", the most famous one :)
for sure Bruxelles is the town for the vintage memorabilia, and for geeks like us...

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